Mr. Boone’s Extra Credit Assignment

This assignment is for rising 8th graders only.
Rising 8th graders: your 8th grade year is quickly approaching, and the rigors of writing in 8th grade and high school will be challenging.  How would you like to get a jump start on preparing for this and earn an extra credit grade before the year even starts?!
Mr. Boone, your 8th grade language arts teacher, is doing a research study for his graduate school requirements.  The focus of the study is how technology resources can help develop and improve student writing skills.

Participation in this activity is OPTIONAL but very much encouraged! There will be no penalty for any student that does not participate.

To participate, log on to Google Classroom ( with your current BCS username and password. Contact Mr. Walton (336-951-2500) if you have issues logging into your Google account. You have already been invited to a course called “18-19 Writing Prep”. Enroll in the course and complete BOTH PARTS of the assignment that is posted. Completion of both parts will earn you an extra credit grade before the year even starts! The due date for completion of this is AUGUST 20TH.

If any students need to come to the school to complete this activity, Mr. Boone will be available Monday through Friday from 9am – 3pm until the due date. Just send him an email ( or call (336-951-2500) to schedule a day/time. Delicious snacks will be provided!

Data will be collected based on survey and writing results and reported as part of a research study. NO NAMES OF INDIVIDUAL STUDENTS OR THE SCHOOL WILL BE USED IN THE RESULTS. The only information that will be shared are overall averaged results of the entire group or sub groups of participants. Protection of the privacy of the individual students and their information will be paramount. For more information see the attached form on the Google Classroom assignment.

If you have any questions, please contact Mr. Boone at

Thank you!